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Minimialist Justice League   -   Michael Tomes

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Cloud makes rain.

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"Three Ghosts"


Tonight’s mid-season finale for Arrow was great! I really enjoy the way the series has embraced it’s comic book roots. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. may have it beat on production values, but they often feel stilted and not quite in the full Marvel universe. Arrow is FUN! Just look at what we got in this one episode:

  • An awesome battle with the super strong Cyrus Gold, that ends with his death??? or was it the possible origin of Solomon Grundy?! 
  • We learn more about Brother Blood and his evil schemes, including the fact that he isn’t the leader he seemed, but instead it is revealed the real threat is…
  • Slade Wilson! He’s alive and looking like he walked straight out of a comic book panel and with the voice I’ve always imagined. Deathstroke lives!
  • Roy Harper (a.k.a. Speedy, or Arsenal, or Red Arrow, or Red Hood) continues fumbling around and even gets himself killed for minute or two. However Green Arrow saves him. I was waiting for a CPR moment but I guess that would have been too much. However, I don’t know what they’re doing with the character. He has super powers now?!
  • That lead to the highlight of the episode! Green Arrow gets a new mask!
  • Hmm… seems there was one other little occurrence. Oh yes, Barry Allen gets hit with chemically enhanced, particle accelerated, lightning! BARRY ALLEN IS NOW THE FLASH! 

God, I needed a cigarette after tonight’s episode. We don’t have to wait long for Arrow to return in January, but think we won’t see Barry Allen as The Flash until his new series begins.    

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Dichotomy & Ambiguity | Ziba Esmaeilian

This thesis investigates the notion of duality in architecture by working across multiple genres rather than within a single one. It focuses on the notion of “productive dichotomy” as a form of development that aims not to dissolve opposites, erasing their contrast, but aims instead to bring them together into an even more complex state of dualism.



Superman Unchained #4

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